12/16/12 submitted loan application to NVR
12/17/12 Preapproval from NVR
12/21/12 signed papers with RH to build the Victoria Falls
12/26/12 meet with NVR (canceled due to snow)
12/27/12 package from NVR
12/27/12 Rite Rug appt.
01/02/13 Guardian appt.
01/02/13 package overnighted back to NVR
01/05/13 outside color choices made
01/05/13 lot change
01/21/13 final change order submitted
02/18/13 Preconstruction meeting
03/06/13 ground breaking- basement is dug
03/08/13 footers
03/08/13 foundation poured
03/25-03/28/13 framing of house
04/04/13 guardian mtg (Wiring of the house will be finished this week and all plumbing and hvac have been installed throughout the house.)

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  1. Did you guys have to pay a lot change fee? We changed ours too, and it was $1000 non refundable...bummer.