Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two weeks away from the walk through and locked out :(

I know I've been MIA but the end if the year is winding down for school and things are a little chaotic. We are two weeks away from our final walk through and I'm a little nervous. The only hiccup we have experienced so far that I consider kind of big is the stain on the stairs. When we first saw the stairs with stain I thought, "This looks good, but it will be beautiful once the second coat of stain goes on." The stain we chose was supposed to match our cabinets (espresso). One coat of stain was too light to match our cabinets and really had the "one coat" look to it. Well, I was told last week the carpet was going in. I thought, "Great they must have finished the stairs." I went over to see the house and found the stairs had not had any additional stain put on it. I texted my PM to ask him how many coats had they planned on putting on the stairs. I honestly didn't understand why they would put the carpet down without being finished but I thought I would ask. I guess they considered it fully stained by the response I got. He told me he would talk to the paint guy to see what they could do and get back with me. It's been a couple of days and no response back yet. I really don't see how they are able to fix this other than taking up the carpet, re-staining the stairs then putting the carpet back down. I have really followed everyone's blog and have seen many people comment on the "second coat of stain" for their stairs. The stairs are such a focal point to the house I can't help but want it done with the stain how we originally chose. Also, when is the polyurethane (glossy coat) put on? I figured this would also happen before carpet. Sorry for the long post. I know RH will fix this issue it's just hard not knowing what the plan is. Ugh!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

The title is so corny, but it fits. I always have my phone ready to go for pictures when I walk in the house and I wasn't disappointed this time. First, our stairs have been stained with its first coat. It's so pretty! Lights are on and our granite is in. They've also put in all the trim and are beginning touch ups before painting. We absolutely love how perfect the granite goes with the cabinets. We are still waiting on the countertops and sink for the laundry room. They fixed the "oops" in the ceiling from the speaker misplacement and a few other boo boos.