Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Carpet update

So we ended up changing our carpet. It turns out we only had a level 1 carpet chosen the first time. What? This entire time we thought it was a level 2. Anyway, we went with our gut and decided to upgrade to a level 2.  We chose Mocha Chip. We also really liked the Walnut Grove, but the Mocha Chip goes better with the direct set stairs because it has the same dark flecks throughout it. I'm glad we made the change. I really don't want to make anymore changes seeing as this will be our 4th change order. Here's a pic of the color from the Shaw website. It's not exact, but it's pretty close.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carpet change possibly?

I need input from everyone. We currently are considering changing our carpet color and grade level. It wouldn't be a big jump ( from a level 2 to a level 3). Tomorrow is the 30 day mark and the last day we can make color changes. So, my question is have you heard about the performance of the level 2 carpet?  Does anyone have it? Are you satisfied with your choice? Lastly, I'm posting our flooring picture below. I really liked the colors together when we chose it, but now I'm second guessing it.  Do you think the carpet and laminate wood will look alright next to each other? Sorry for all the questions, but we want to get this right now before it's too late.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We're getting the stone!

We got word yesterday on the cost of the all stone front and it's within the price range we were looking for. Yay!  We did hit a snag with the extended laundry room. We found out the laundry room (for the homes built in our division) doesn't show the laundry room with the cabinets and a sink. However, the model in Indiana has it like this. I don't know about you, but I feel like a standard option offered in any division should be a standard option across the board. Anyway, now we are waiting to see if there is an additional charge for this. Ugh!
This is what our house will look like, but it will include the bonus room above the garage. The stone color is not exact but it's pretty close. 

This is what our laundry room should look like but with espresso cabinets. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Outside selections

We had our meeting today to pick out the brick/stone/siding etc. selections. The good news is that we would approved for the all stone front, but we are still waiting on price. We are really excited about our selections and we equally love our brick and stone selections. So, if the stone comes back too high we love our brick. We originally liked a dark red brick, but changed our minds once we sat down with all the other color choices. We also did a lot change. I wasn't crazy about our first choice, but the lot we changed to will be a nice fit for us. The selections are as follows:

Sandstone beige siding
Almond trim
Raisin door
Dark berry shutters 
Ledgestone bucks county (stone) Autumn Buckeye(changed our mind again) 
Sugar creek brick

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guardian Meeting

So we met with Guardian today. We went in with an open mind, but really thought we would only do a security system. (We currently have a Guardian Security System.) However, we came away getting the 5:1 system for our bonus room along with deciding where to put Internet and cable lines and the security system. We are going to try and bring the money for this to closing seeing we really don't want to roll it into the mortgage. I guess we figured we would eventually want this done because we are using the bonus room as a media room. It's just easier to get it all done now. I'm so excited. I just wish June would get here faster!