Friday, May 3, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

The title is so corny, but it fits. I always have my phone ready to go for pictures when I walk in the house and I wasn't disappointed this time. First, our stairs have been stained with its first coat. It's so pretty! Lights are on and our granite is in. They've also put in all the trim and are beginning touch ups before painting. We absolutely love how perfect the granite goes with the cabinets. We are still waiting on the countertops and sink for the laundry room. They fixed the "oops" in the ceiling from the speaker misplacement and a few other boo boos.


  1. beautiful! is that New Caledonia granite?

  2. Thanks! The granite is actually called Sandstone. We didn't have Caledonia as an option when we were making our choices.

  3. It's beautiful, I love the staircase, I like when they break in the middle. Can't wait to see everything once the floors goes in.