Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rite Rug Meeting

We made our selections at Rite Rug this past Thursday. We love the selections we made. I think the desert sand granite looks beautiful with the espresso cabinets. We are doing the darker stain on the direct set stairs and hand rails to match the cabinets.  We picked a laminate 2 option instead of wood because we like the wider plank and shine finish it has. I actually found pictures of this flooring in a couple of other RH blogs and it's really pretty. We also upgraded the carpet and padding. We got an 8lb pad through the entire house along with the Mocha Froth level 2 upgrade. We also decided to upgrade the vinyl to the et step and they had a few more choices. I really like how all the colors pull together nicely.


  1. Do you remember the name of the laminate? It looks exactly like ours. We have the Native Cherry. The glossy finish is gorgeous, but it does show every bit of dirt.

    1. It's actually Autumn Mahogany. The picture didn't really show the true color. It's a little darker than the Native Cherry. I really liked that color as well. I was wondering what that flooring would be like. How do you like it?

    2. We really like the floor. It is in our foyer, hallway and powder room. As I said before, it shows certain dirt and water spots, but it cleans up easily and looks amazing when it's clean. I've not had much success with the laminate floor cleaners. They seem to all leave a residue or streaking behind. So, I've taken to just using a well wrung out mop with an all purpose cleaner safe for laminate and drying with a microfiber mop.

    3. Someone told me they used a solution that was posted on Pinterest and it works well. That's good to know about the regular cleaner though. I checked out your blog. Your home is beautiful. :)