Saturday, December 29, 2012

Makin' Changes

Well, we decided to make a few changes once we saw the models. First, we went from elevation C with brick front and side/back wrap to Elevation A. However, we really want a stone front on the house. We are waiting to hear back from RH to see if they will approve this nonstandard request. Also, I'm praying the stone upgrade doesn't come back ridiculously high. We are willing to pay around 4,000 but I'm hoping its not much more than this amount.  If we get the stone front our house should look fairly close to the one pictured below.

The other things we changed include taking out the fireplace, seeing as we have never used the one we have, and replacing it with the direct set staircase with white balusters. We also did the extended laundry room. By Having kids and dogs, the laundry room/mud room will be a help. We also added cabinets to the laundry room. We added lighting to the master bedroom tray ceiling. Finally, we chose to do the 3 color paint package. We are not great painters and we would much rather have this done before we move in. So, it was a pretty exciting day making some new choices. Now if only June  would hurry up and get here. Lol!


  1. I just found you on here! Check out our blog, there is a Victoria Falls Elevation A in stone in our neighborhood (it is beautiful). Here is a link to where the picture is on our blog:

    We are building Elevation A in brick.

    Happy building!!

    If you add the follow button we (and others) can follow your exciting journey!

    1. Great thank you! We are so excited. I will add the follow button thanks!