Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guardian Meeting

So we met with Guardian today. We went in with an open mind, but really thought we would only do a security system. (We currently have a Guardian Security System.) However, we came away getting the 5:1 system for our bonus room along with deciding where to put Internet and cable lines and the security system. We are going to try and bring the money for this to closing seeing we really don't want to roll it into the mortgage. I guess we figured we would eventually want this done because we are using the bonus room as a media room. It's just easier to get it all done now. I'm so excited. I just wish June would get here faster!


  1. How exciting! We were able to not give in to temptation and didn't even do the security system! We figured we would get one later if needed. The 5:1 system should be awesome! Have you seen any Elevation A's like yours yet? I couldn't see your pics you posted earlier, so maybe they are on there. Did they say when you break ground?

    1. We are really excited. I didn't think we would want to do anything other than the security system, but we will definitely use the surround sound. I did see the picture of the Elevation A like the one we want. We're still waiting on approval and cost. The cost of the all stone may be a deal breaker if it's too much. We also have a dark red brick picked out for the same elevation if the stone is too much. :)

  2. How exciting! We picked Bershire for our brick, but have never seen Elevation A in brick! If you see it post a picture for us!

  3. Our meeting with Guardian is this weekend. We're not too interested in doing any speakers in the house, but we will talk to them about additional TV/computer lines. Our bonus room will be a 5th bedroom for my son, and the loft leading into the bonus room will be a study area for my kids.